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Immediately I joined college, I began searching for my passions besides the the course I was taking. I asked my fellow college students what they thought of me in terms of my abilities and character. I got various answers which got me more confused because, each person’s answer was different. Soon enough, I realized that the answer i was looking for lay within me. This is when I realized that I had a passion for reading, research and writing but i was not sure how to nurture this talent. Fortunately i had a friend who advised me to join the online essay writing services. He recommended me some custom essay writing websites which i tried out but unfortunately some of them were fraudulent which discouraged me. Soon enough I was able to join effective essay writing services which offered great rewards for the good work done. This was very encouraging and with time i became very proficient not only in English essay writing but also in resume and other technical writing. I realized that i enjoyed paper writing because it not only pays well but also, it is also my passion. Currently I have three years experience of academic and technical writing that am thinking of taking it as a full time job.